18. Version 1.3 Known Issues

18.1. Empty Effects Section in .eng File

If an .eng file is used that has an Effects() section that contains no data, the engine will not be loaded by ORTS. In this case it is suggested to fully delete the Effects() section.

18.2. Curly brackets in file sigscr.dat

Open Rails does not correctly handle, and also generates a misleading error message in file OpenRailsLog.txt file, when there is a curly bracket at the end of a conditional statement within file sigscr.dat, e.g.:

if ( next_hp ==# 0 && next_gue !=# 2 ) {

Therefore the file must be edited as follows to be correctly interpreted by Open Rails:

if ( next_hp ==# 0 && next_gue !=# 2 )

18.3. Spurious emergency braking in Timetable mode

If in Timetable mode a speedplate with higher speedlimit follows a signal with reduced speedlimit, the allowed speed in the Trackmonitor rises to the speed shown on the speedplate. This occurs accordingly to specs of Timetable mode (and differently from activity mode).

However the overspeedmonitor considers the reduced signal speed, coherently with activity mode. Therefore in this case if, in timetable mode, a train is accelerated above the signal speed, the overspeedmonitor may trigger an emergency braking.