21. Plans and Roadmap

Here are some highlights that the community can expect from the Open Rails team after v1.0. A more complete roadmap can be found at https://launchpad.net/or/+milestones

21.1. User Interface

A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) within the game.

21.2. Operations

In addition to the new Timetable concept described in this document, some further improvements are planned:

  • Extended ability to customize signals to accommodate regional, geographic, or operational differences

  • Ability to use mixed signal environments – from dark territory to fully automatic in-cab train control within the same route

  • Specifying random variations for AI trains in consist and delays.

  • Specifying separate speed profiles for passenger or freight trains.

  • A schedule for AI trains which can depend on other trains (e.g. wait a limited time).

21.3. Open Rails Route Editor

The Open Rails Route Editor (called TSRE5) is well under way, and it is expected that in reasonable time it will replace the MS Route Editor. However, no timetable is available for this work. The route editor already can use GIS data. it will be possible to lay both track pieces and procedural track. TSRE5 is able to read route files created with the MS Route Editor, however it extends the MSTS file structure allowing for new functions. Routes that will use these extensions will in general not run under MSTS.