2. New since previous version of Open Rails

A summary of the new and improved features can be found below. In addition, a number of minor bugs have been fixed in this release.

Please keep reporting bugs and suggesting new features so Open Rails can continue to improve.

2.1. What’s been added

  • detailed map which tracks player train

  • partial turntables

  • cab controls operated remotely from a tablet or control desk

  • animations for cab windows

  • options to configure RailDriver

  • more accurate wheelslip using Polach adhesion

  • duplex and booster steam engines (e.g. T1 class)

  • cloud-free skies

  • more air and dynamic brake options for locos

  • mouse control for scripted brake controllers

2.2. What’s been improved

  • sky, sunrise and sunset appearance

  • wheelslip, exhaust and steam

  • layout of map window

  • F9 menu for controlling cars and brakes

  • controls for electric locos

  • air brake features for both European and American brake systems

  • accurate friction simulation for 4 types of brake shoes

2.3. Other changes

  • distracting “z-fighting” has been minimised

  • inactive windows are indicated when several windows are open